Chakra flower essences & ointments

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, the original Indian language and means energy center. The chakras are energy centers that connect us to cosmic energy sources. There are seven main chakras, each of which is connected to a specific organ or area of ​​the body. Each chakra also controls a specific aspect of human behavior and our health.

chakra flower essences and ointments

Carola Lage-Roy (homeopath) discovered these essences and found out during their research that they have a particularly harmonious effect on our chakras. They are made from flowers and plants by her personally using the sun method on particularly high-energy days.

Due to special circumstances, our chakras can be blocked or imbalanced, which has a negative effect on our health and well-being.

With the help of these great essences, the energy in the blocked chakra can be harmonized again and the free flow is possible again. By stimulating our self-healing powers, our body and soul can heal.

The amazing thing about the essences is that sensitive people often feel an effect "as if a switch had been thrown" immediately after ingestion.

The feeling for oneself and one's own needs is awakened again in many and fears can be illuminated in a healing way. A very important prerequisite on the way to health and wellbeing.

Children have a special relation to the essences, they are noticeably happy to take them and ask for them themselves. Some essences have been found to be very effective when taken after vaccination.

The HEART CHAKRA essence is the first and one of the most important essences. It re-establishes the connection to your own heart. It is the essence that in many cases one starts with. When the energy in the heart comes back into the flow, one has the power to change or accept things.

The heart chakra essence has proven to be particularly beneficial for problems in the family. It helps to forgive and forgive, and lets our hearts speak again.

Ointments or sprays of all essences are also available, which have an intense effect, as they can be applied directly to the place where the action is. If taking the essences or applying lotion is not possible, there are also sprays that can help the energy in and around the person or in the room to change positively.

The essences are suitable for young and old, including babies.
They are particularly recommended for problems of our time, such as:

  • Stress in family and work
  • Burnout
  • Life crises
  • anxiety
  • Pain
  • Exposure to electrosmog
  • Problems after vaccinations such as learning difficulties, hyperactivity, allergies, etc.

The essences are dripped directly from the original bottle with the pipette onto the hand,

preferably on the hollow (on the back of the hand between the tendons of the thumb and forefinger). 1 or 2 drops are dripped into the hollow and then licked off or directly on given the tongue. (Caution, do not contaminate the pipette with skin or mucous membranes). The taste of the essence can be an important indication of whether the essence is currently of use.

It is best to take 5 minutes to calmly feel the effect of the essence.

It is crucial whether the complaints are acute or chronic, or whether the essence should "only" serve to increase well-being.

to increase well-being:
Usually 1 drop per day is enough. Some people only need one drop every few days to once a week, others more often a day and several drops. This is very individual.

for acute complaints:
2 - 5 drops can be given and repeated more often when the effect of the essence wears off. If this subsides very quickly, the number of drops can be increased.

with chronic complaints:
Usually several essences are required here, which should not be taken at the same time if possible. 1 - 3 drops of an essence, at least 5 minutes apart, better still a longer distance.

It is best to start with one essence, but no more than a maximum of 4 essences should be taken at the same time.

Which essence should be chosen can be determined from the books by Carola Lage-Roy (which are available from us), in which the effect of the essences is described, or via the simple naming of the essences, such as the solar plexus essence, can be helpful can relieve gas, anxiety or pressure on the stomach.
The third variant is testing / counseling the essences.

I would be happy to test the essences for you kinesiologically or with the tensor, as well as the associated topic. By becoming aware of the topic, the essence can work even better and the response to it can be dissolved.

The testing / advice can take place personally in Therwil (BL), or it is also possible in your absence. For this I need your surname and first name, date of birth and a current photo. After the test, a telephone consultation takes place. This variant is particularly suitable for children or if you live far away.

These can be bought directly from us and are quickly dispatched to all of Switzerland. 

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