16% muscle building & 19% fat reduction in one!

EMShapeX muscle building fat burning

We are EMShapeX® Device can be used in a variety of ways for body toning The buttocks can be tightened through strong muscle contractions, stubborn fat deposits on the hips are reduced and the abdominal muscles appear much more defined.

The biggest advantage of this treatment is that no incisions are necessary and no anesthesia has to be used. This means there is no downtime. The technology uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy and has been carefully tested for its effectiveness and safety in seven independent studies in the USA.

EMShapeX - Bodyforming with magnetic waves - is a unique method to tighten the buttocks without surgery or to remove annoying love handles from the hips and stomach non-invasively. During an EMShapeX treatment, 16% muscles built and at the same time approx. 19% fat broken down. The treatment helps to achieve a toned and fit body image in the long term. 

Treatment with the EMShapeX Device is not associated with pain. Muscle vibrations are generated with two plates, which can be a bit strange, especially in the first session. But you get used to it quickly and after a few minutes you even find the movement pleasant and calming.

For an effective result of the EMShapeX Treatment are usually   4 to 6 sessions necessary every 2 to 4 days - at least 48 hours must be in between. Already four to six weeks after the last session you can look forward to the effect of the treatment, which will intensify over the next few weeks.

In contrast to surgical body tightening is EMShapeX associated neither with downtime nor with anesthetic risks. Using the innovative applicator means that no cuts are necessary, so there are no scars. The treatment does not require any specific preparation or follow-up.

EMShapeX Basel, Baselland, Leimental

EMShapeX before and after

This is how EMShapeX works

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