The Journey®

From the bestselling author, speaker and mind-body healing expert Brandon Bays

What is The Journey ®

The Journey Method is a scientifically based method to uncover and dissolve stored memories, created by shock, trauma and negative life experiences. All of these, not fully lived out, suppressed emotions accumulate in our body over the years. Most of the time we are busy either continuing to suppress them, avoiding them, or being overwhelmed by them again and again.

We know from biochemistry that our cells store all these memories, which can cause great damage in us. Because the cell is blocked and can no longer communicate with the other, "healthy" cells. As a result, it develops a life of its own, which can lead to illnesses, depression, dissatisfaction, unwanted reactions and blocking behavioral patterns.

Paired with negative beliefs, "false" truths that we pick up on our way through life, take over from others or acquire through negative experiences, such as: 

"I can't do it anyway!"
"I am not good enough!",
"Nobody loves Me!"
"I'm worthless" etc.

steers our ship so constantly through storms and does not get on the right path.

If these memories, as well as the wrong beliefs associated with them, are erased through a journey process at the deepest level (in the cell memory), the cell can regenerate itself and form a new "healthy" one, which is what makes physical and psychological change possible in the first place.

The Journey Brandon Bays

In this interview with Thomas Schmelzer, Brandon Bays, the founder of “The Journey®“How she herself overcame her cancer through internal processes and was able to develop the Journey method from this. Scientific studies are also mentioned in the video.

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