Pelvic floor tightening & prevention

EMChairX The device causes deep pelvic floor stimulation and thus restores neuromuscular control.
The key function is focused stimulation using electromagnetic waves, which penetrate deeply and thus stimulate the entire pelvic floor area. This directly changes the muscle structure and induces an efficient growth of the myofibrils (= muscle fiber hypertrophy, ie enlargement of the cross-section of the muscle fiber), which leads to the creation of new protein strands and muscle fibers (= muscle fiber hyperplasia).

EMChairX® is the only method in the world that To tighten the pelvic floor intensively and at the same time the neuromuscular control to consolidate what is the prevention of Urinary incontinence is used.

Increasing age, childbirth, menopause or pelvic floor deconditioning can lead to an imbalance, which can ultimately lead to urinary incontinence.

Treatment with the EMChairX The device supports the pelvic floor, trains and strengthens the muscles and ensures that balance is maintained.

Various circumstances already mentioned can contribute to a change in the pelvic floor structure in women. This includes, among other things, a birth, increasing age, a changed health picture, etc. Anyone who suffers from one of these circumstances or simply wants to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is suitable for this treatment method. 
This treatment is also useful for men who want to prevent erectile dysfunction or who want to improve their sexual sensitivity.

EMChairX is not associated with downtime or anesthetic risk. Using the innovative applicator means that no cuts are necessary, so there are no scars. The treatment does not require any specific preparation or follow-up.

The treatment has other positive effects:

  1. Strengthens the pelvic floor structure
  2. Prevents urinary incontinence
  3. Tightens the vagina without surgery
  4. Can prevent erectile dysfunction
  5. Can improve sexual sensation
  6. Last but not least, it can improve the quality of life and the rhythm of sleep
EMChairX | Pelvic floor training
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