Patrizia Wagner

The Journey® Practicioner - HPP® Coach

Patrizia Wagner | BODYMIND & more support for self-esteem and well-being


I am Patrizia Wagner

Coach, animator, leader and passionate seeker of meaning.

Understanding & analyzing what others think, what moves them, understanding needs, recognizing situations immediately, leading & guiding people & breaking boundaries, that has always been my thing.

Movement and change on all levels is the force that drives me.

Communication is very important to me and I love to express myself in all the languages ​​that have been given to me on the way.

As a highly sensitive person, not always comfortable for others, I always went my own way, said what I felt and always followed my intuition.

For a long time I was looking for joy in the outside world, unhappy in my job, from one day to the next I left everything behind in order to look for joy and satisfaction abroad, in animation.

I literally worked with "joy" in Spain - with people on vacation who wanted fun, joy and a break from their worries!

As a team, aerobics and show manager of an animation team, I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of people and to live out my passion, the stage, to let my soul dance ...

I brought valuable life experiences with the most diverse cultures and a large portion of human knowledge with me from this time.

Back in Switzerland, I broke new ground and, with my husband, founded the company Smile Productions GmbH, which specialized in training and looking after animation teams for hotels abroad, advising hotels, and organizing events and promotions. Our goal was to give joy and to live.

However, my inner voice answered louder and louder and I longed for "real" inner joy and fulfillment, to find solutions and answers to all my questions and my own challenges in life, and so my search for more began ...

The birth of our daughter, various training courses and many self-discovery processes later brought me closer to myself and to my present holistic (holistic) awareness.

Everything I have learned and experienced has primarily shaped and promoted my own development. 

I am happy that I can share all my experiences and knowledge with you today with the help of my highly sensitive perception.

Thanks to Zoom and Skype, I can be reached far beyond Switzerland and will be happy to support you in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish!

The Journey®
Accredited and recommended The Journey® Practitioners
7 modules including 48 case studies completed
The Journey®, Brandon Bays (UK) 2019-2020

EMShapeX® Training - muscle building and fat reduction in one
EMChairX® Pelvic floor training - restoration of neuromuscular control
Lymphamaster PRO® Lymph drainage training
Cryomed® Cryolipolysis training 
Andreas Wilk Awenex® Cosmetic equipment and training (CH) 2020

Spiritual healing
Healer seminar - foreign energies, karmic suffering patterns
obstructive life programs 
Spiritual pendulum with the tensor 
Anton Styger (CH) 2018

Holistic Psycho Process®
, I - IV
2-year training with supervision for HPP® Coach
Psychology and Kinesiology & Geomancy Switzerland
Diane Canonica & Walter Stauffer 2015 - 2016

Systemic constellation
 I, II and III
at Ursa Kübler Coaching and Training 2016 - 2017

The Journey®
 Intensive / Advanced / Abundance 
The Journey®, Brandon Bays 2013
Assistance at The Journey® seminars as a trainer from 2014

Chakra flower essences
Chakra Flower Essences Center - Carola Lage-Roy 2012 - 2014
since 2014: importer of chakra flowers to Switzerland & Organization of the seminars in Switzerland

Mediality training I, II and III / Medial Healing / Trance
Gordon Smith / Steven Levett (UK) - 2012 - 2013

Quantum Entrainment®, Kinslow System
® basic and master course
Institute for Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Frank Kinslow (USA) 2009-2010

A journey beyond the quantum
,  Quantum healing   
Matrix Energetics International Inc., Dr. Richard Bartlett (USA) 2009

Matrix Harmonics
Quantum Healing - Universal Harmonics, Claus Bürger (D) - 2009

Reiki I.
Academy for Spiritual Healing, Lothar Neu (D), Reiki Master 2011

Methods of healing and self-healing on a spiritual path 
Academy for Spiritual Healing, Lothar Neu - 2010

Chinese quantum method
 I, II, and III
Hyper Voyager, Gabriele Eckert (D) 2008 - 2009

Why so sick? We will get my child well
Mario Ghenzi, naturopath 2006

Space Clearing & Advanced Space Clearing
Karen Kingston (UK) 2004

Energy and body work 
Holistic practice, Marina Buser (D) 2000

Astrology & Chirology
School for personality development, Marie-Therese Schibig (CH) 1998-1999

Tarot School Basel, Marina Buser (D) 1997 - 1999

SAFS aerobics instructor  
SAFS Swiss Academy of Fitness & Sports (CH) 1997
Group fitness, anatomy

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