Systemic constellations with figures

Perceiving entanglements, disturbances, influences and dissolving them so that life can flow again ..

The systemic (family) constellation assumes that we are all connected in some way and that all information is stored in a knowing field = morphogenetic field. 

The information for new experiences and options for action is already available in this field.

Therefore it is also possible to set up and change the respective situation that is set up to change this.

Constellations are with people who represent in the various Roles or aspects stand, possible - or with Playmobil figures, which are set up "hidden" by the client.

Can be set up Systems of Origin (Parents, siblings, ancestors, etc.) as well as current relationships (Man, woman, partner, children, as well as deceased children and family members, etc.) 
But also other topics that concern us, such as various Personality parts, professional etc. can be set up.

Very suitable is the method with the figures also for childrenbecause hidden, hindering dynamics can be brought to light and solved in a playful way, such as the Problems of a school class, Teacher child Relationship, Parents child Relationship, conflicts among the students, etc.

It is amazing how awareness can change the whole environment, not just the person concerned.
The opportunity arises to change the perspective, to meet in a new way, to approach things differently and to behave differently.

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