Pen Yang® system

Albert Einstein was initially ridiculed for this realization:

 Every energy, every wave of information that we consciously or unconsciously absorb strengthens or burdens us.

With quantum physics it was found that there are two forms of information waves, positive and negative. If the waves are right-polarized and in their natural order they promote our bioenergy and support our immune system. If the information waves are polarized to the left, they deprive us of bioenergy and burden us. 
Then our system has to fight it and we suffer a loss of energy.

Electricity, digital radio waves as well as natural interference fields are all polarized to the left and are our strongest energy thieves today, which we usually do not consciously perceive as such and from which we cannot escape.

Denaturalized food and low-energy drinking water put additional strain on our system.

The PEN in the Pen-Yang philosophy stands for:

P = positive
E = inserted
N = natural energy

In Yang, the universal laws are summarized in one word.

The Pen Yang® system makes it possible:

It influences the subtle oscillation, left-polarized waves are right-polarized and thus from energy thief to energy donor.

Food and drinking water retain their original vitality.

Over 30 years of research in and on nature, numerous measurements and test results have flowed into this system.

Thus it is possible to align left-polarized quanta together and bring them into a polarization that is positive for humans, animals and fauna.

The result can be measured subtle, for example with electro acupuncture or with brain wave measurements.

The results of the blood count examinations in dark field microscopy are also impressive. Conclusion: Negative, technical waves of information are aligned and are then positive for us.

The ease of use of this system is pleasant, as is the consumer-friendly price.

Articles from the Pen Yang System® are available in our shop or can be installed at your home during a consultation.

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