lymphatic drainage

Losing weight, purifying and detoxifying, the machine lymphatic drainage leads to more well-being.

Lymph drainage with Lympha Master

The mechanical lymphatic drainage is used, among other things, as a supplement to Cryolipolysis employed.

To the result of the Cryolipolysis treatment To speed up efficiently and effectively, the beauticians and medical professionals use lymphatic drainage to stimulate the lymphatic system and increase the lymph flow. Lymph drainage accelerates the excretion of dead fat cells that were destroyed during cryolipolysis.

When is lymphatic drainage used?

The machine lymphatic drainage can and is used in a variety of ways, especially for swelling of the legs and arms, this treatment is very popular, but lymphatic drainage is also used after intensive sports activities.

- swelling of the legs and arms

- swelling after an operation

- for dents and cellulite

- vein problems

- if your legs are swollen during pregnancy

- after exercise to stimulate the lymphatic fluid

- after aesthetic treatment for accelerated results

- congestion of the lymph

- migraines

Mechanical lymphatic drainage
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