Cryolipolysis with Cryomed

non-invasive fat reduction up to 30%!


Cryolipolysis refers to a process that was developed by Harvard University scientists, Dr. Dieter Manstein and Dr. R. Rox Anderson, goes back. In a study, the thesis emerged that fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than the rest of the tissue. According to the study, the fat cells of the tested tissue changed noticeably. 

That developed from it Cryolipolysis device Cryomed is based on this principle and cools unwanted and stubborn fat deposits very effectively. The results of successful cryolipolysis treatments have so far differed significantly, however, as there are now many technological "variations".

Cryolipolysis uses cold to attack fat cells.

The exact definition of cryolipolysis comes from ancient Greek (Kryos = frost or ice, lipa = fat, lysis = solution or dissolution) This procedure is a non-invasive technique for reducing fat deposits by cooling fat cells. The skin is sucked in via the handpiece and effectively cooled. The process of cryolipolysis uses the susceptibility of fat cells to cold. A so-called handpiece (cryomed applicator) is carefully placed on the desired area on the body (stomach, legs, back, bottom or even chin), then the tissue is cooled down to +4 to +5 degrees using Peltier technology. The treated tissue is protected by a so-called membrane (anti freeze gel), which prevents skin deepening. The fat cells that have been cooled go through apoptosis and are then broken down by the body. So the thickness of the fat layer becomes smaller.

  • Back
  • Poor
  • belly
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks & hips
  • Thigh
  • Inner thigh

Depending on the physical situation, the type of tissue, the lymphatic system, the desired success is already there after 1 treatment. Sometimes a 2nd or 3rd treatment is required (after a break of at least 2 weeks). The result is visible after 4 to approx. 12 weeks. However, this depends on your basic constitution.
You will get a faster result if you use it in combination with the EMShapeX® treat the zones. This then also tightens the muscles in the respective zone.

Very overweight, after a heart attack, with diseases of the coronary arteries, with collagenoses / connective tissue diseases, with vascular diseases / vascular anomalies, with active cold or pressure urticaria (hives), in the case of long-term cortisone therapy or with increased intake of cortisone, during pregnancy, on skin areas with open or infected wounds, bleeding, skin diseases, scar tissue or skin conditions such as eczema or dermatitis in the treatment area, with restricted sensation of the skin, with lymphatic cancer or lymph glands that have already been removed.

Cryolipolysis fat away with cold Cryomed

This is how Cryomed works

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