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Children & teenagers

  • Is your child / teenager not telling what happened to them at school or with friends?
  • Is it suddenly more closed and you have the feeling something is depressing it?
  • Can it suddenly no longer calculate correctly, remember spelling rules, seems fidgety, unfocused and is quickly aggressive?
  • Can your child / teenager no longer sleep at night or has nightmares / panic attacks or is they plagued by fears?
  • Does your teenager feel no longer "ok" and is withdrawing more and more?
  • Do you only get reproaches from your child, or do you have the feeling that they do not even feel how much you love them?

Children & teenagers are much more open than we are and often unintentionally take in what happens in their environment.

They are strongly influenced by circumstances in the family, school, and with friends.

For us inconspicuous events can be very painful for them and leave traces that want to be resolved. A wrong word or misbehavior from parents or a teacher, being laughed at by friends or being exposed, can lead, for example, to the fact that they no longer find themselves “OK” or feel “not loved” or think “I can do it eh not ”,“ I'm stupid ”. Lots of such disturbing beliefs and deep emotional wounds can be caused in a flash. These then influence behavior and the emotional balance in a negative way until they can be resolved.

Sources of interference or external energies in the house or in the bedroom can also be the cause of poor sleep, nightmares, lack of energy, constant tiredness or aggression.

Missing nutrients, vitamins, or a disturbance in their absorption are also often reasons why a child / adolescent cannot concentrate or is constantly overtired, listless or aggressive and, for example, can no longer keep up with school.

Much can play a role at the same time and overwhelm the whole system!

Let's find out together what your child or teenager needs in order to free the natural joy of childhood and live their full potential!

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