HPP Holistic Psycho Process®

Within the HPP Holistic Psycho Process ® method Using a kinesiological muscle test, blockages, old / disturbing thought and behavior patterns, fears, malaise, allergies, illnesses and mental disorders - and their origins can be uncovered and resolved in order to reactivate the flow of life.

A disorder or illness does not arise overnight, but over a longer period of time, as negative information is subtle and manifested in the physical body via the brain. Illness can also spread in the body / mind / soul through a negative experience or an emotional shock.

The origin of failures in all areas, as well as self-sabotage / blockages that hinder the achievement of goals, can be resolved by this method.

Individual solutions for every challenge are found together with the client.

The aim is to consciously recognize what is behind the conflict or blockage. If one gains awareness about it, and also the willingness to dissolve it, it no longer has any resonance to the self. You grow beyond the problem and life energy can flow again on all levels.

  • Blockages of all kinds
  • Finding the cause / origin and resolving failures
  • disturbing thought patterns / behavior patterns
  • Self-sabotage when reaching goals
  • Dissolution of negative experiences and experiences that are stored in the cells
  • Anxiety
  • exhaustion
  • Dissolution of foreign energies
  • physical ailments / illnesses
  • Behavioral problems / fears in children
  • Situations that "trigger" you
  • Disabilities in the environment / rooms
  • Change of direction in life
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