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Energetic balance

There are many kinds of energetic loads that are not visible to us.

These can be caused by water lines, cell phone masts, W-LAN or by external energetic influences.

This often leads to psychosomatic disorders and painful ailments that cannot be explained medically.

They can cause disturbances to sleep and nightmares.

Our behavior can also be influenced by it. We can become depressed, aggressive or find ourselves without any joie de vivre for apparently no reason.

Typical statements from those affected are: "Sometimes I don't know myself anymore"

On the other hand, observers say: “What is it that 'got into'?”.

According to the teachings of Anton Styger I test these energies and balance people and their surroundings again. Chakra flowers or Bach flowers also help to restore the balance.

This treatment can also take place as a remote treatment, as it takes place on a purely energetic level.

Remote treatment is particularly effective in children. 

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