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Everyone processes food differently. There are therefore no patent recipes for everyone to lose weight! This can also be due to the individual genetic predisposition of the individual. In the course of evolution, humans had to repeatedly adapt to new living conditions. However, this process was not the same in all people, which is why different genetic metabolism or metabolism types developed. We have defined these as so-called meta-types. The CoGAP philosophy® is that in the future everyone will be able to lose weight quickly and in a natural way. We are therefore constantly developing individual nutritional advice. We determine your personal meta-type defined by us on the basis of an analysis of your genes, the CoGAP MetaCheck developed by our scientists®. We are convinced that we can tailor your diet and sporting activities to your genetic makeup. *

Why MetaCheck?

So it works

  1. Submit your saliva sample to your MetaCheck advisor.
  2. Sending your anonymized sample to CoGAP®.
  3. Metabolic analysis and transmission of your results to your MetaCheck advisor.
  4. Advice and a training and nutrition plan tailored to your needs.

News about MetaCheck?

The show taff (Pro7) tests the "MetaCheck" with convincingly positive results

alileo from Pro 7 tested the “MetaCheck” gene diet, with impressively positive results!

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