Bodyforming - be in harmony with your body!

For a balanced self-esteem, in addition to the inner attitude, a positive body feeling is also part of it. Those who feel comfortable in their own temple can react and act openly and positively to external influences. With us you will experience bodyforming on a whole new level.

Fat loss & muscle building with EMShapeX
Get rid of fat!

Fat is stored energy that can only be burned (used) in one place in the body, the mitochondria. The mitochondria are also known as “the power plants of our cells” and where are they mainly located? In the muscles!

EMShapeX | Muscle building and fat reduction


16% muscle growth and 19% fat reduction in one EMShapeX Treatment!

The buttocks can be tightened through strong muscle contraction, stubborn fat deposits on the hips are reduced and abdominal muscles can be defined.

EMChairX | Pelvic floor exercise


Strengthening the pelvic floor

EMChairX is the only method in the world to train the pelvic floor intensively and at the same time to strengthen neuromuscular control, which serves to prevent urinary incontinence.


Cryolipolysis Cryomed

non-invasive fat reduction up to 30%!

Within the Cryomed Treatment is a non-invasive technique to reduce fat deposits by cooling fat cells.
Simple and very effective!

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